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What is Passport Career?

PassportCareer.com addresses your recruitment, retention and productivity matters related to spouse career issues of international employees. It provides detailed information researched by in-country experts about how to find employment or alternative opportunity in more than 75 countries around the world.

What can Passport Career do for my organization?

Do you find yourself asking "How will we recruit and retain international assignees who have spouses with careers?" Passport Career now takes the guessing away by providing a global job search solution. Our 3-Step Value Model makes Passport Career an asset to your program and organization. Passport Career:

  1. Provides one-stop access to dynamic, up-to-date, and unique --often difficult to find-- resources that make a global job search successful for expat spouses in 200+ locations.
  2. Addresses the three groups of spouses: spouses who want to work, spouses who don't want to or can't work and are seeking alternative opportunities, and spouses who stay behind due to unaccompanied assignments.
  3. Is an affordable tool for organizations to meet both needs and demands for comprehensive global job search information in this competitive job market.

What makes Passport Career different?

Passport Career has a team of skilled in-country experts with more than 500 years of combined experience in supporting international professionals. We know what the issues are, we know where to find the right resources, and we know what it takes to find employment in another country!

Passport Career's structure, research approach, guidance and tools are based on 20 years of research and experience in supporting spouses and other international professionals.

What information does Passport Career have?

Job search and employment resources for 75+ countries where most international employees are assigned, including emerging markets and developing countries.

Key employment options, work permit and business culture information, including: best employers for expat spouses/partners, work permit details, and the "ins" and "outs" of the relevant business cultural nuances that will impact a job search and career transition.

Country-specific information and guidance on resumes/CVs, interviews, salaries and many other job search topics, including job market insights, how to start a small business, volunteer and internship opportunities, and much more.

Critical networks and contacts that are key to effectively building a global and local job search network--including formal and informal networks not easily found online. Passport Career also has a social network built in so job seekers can network with others around the globe!

You will find extensive information for spouses who want to work, as well as support and information for spouses who don't want to or can't work and are looking for alternative opportunities, and support for spouses who stay behind due to unaccompanied assignments.

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