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Passport Career’s Résumé/CV Support service is multifaceted and designed to guide the global job seeker through the process of writing a powerful international résumé/CV in just a few logical, easy-to-follow steps.


Step 1: Country-Specific Résumé/CV How-To

Passport Career offers tips and strategies on various aspects of the content, design, and cultural/business specifics of a résumé/CV for each individual country.


Step 2: Webinars on Résumé/CV Writing

Led by our in-house global career coaches, these webinars build on the information provided in Step 1 and provide additional strategies for turning a résumé/CV into a powerful self-marketing tool that eases with global career transitions and job searches. This strategic webinar explains how to create a résumé/CV that helps open doors internationally and get results quickly.


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Step 3: Résumé/CV Critiques

Our résumé/CV critiques are offered as a follow up to Step 2. After the webinar, webinar participants have the option to send their résumé/CV to Passport Career with a brief description of their goals. Our professional global career coaches will then offer customized tips and suggestions on how to improve their specific résumé/CV to greatly increase their chances of landing their desired global job.

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