4 Tips That Will Change The Way You Learn Languages

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4 Tips That Will Change The Way You Learn Languages

Learning the local language vastly improves your social life as an expat and makes you qualified for so many more professional positions. Don’t waste another second! Start using these tips to turbocharge your language learning.


1. Find a buddy.

There’s no way around it: learning a new language can be challenging. Having the support of a coworker, friend or family member can make it fun! Whether you go to classes together or practice together after work, knowing that someone else is facing the same challenges that you are can make all the difference. Just don’t be tempted to speak with your buddy in your native language all the time.


2. Join a conversation group.

One of the most important (and arguably most difficult) parts of learning a new language is building the confidence needed to hold a conversation. Joining a conversation group is a great way to practice in a low-pressure setting and to make connections in your new city! You can look for conversation groups on local Facebook groups, websites like Meetup.com or through a cursory Google search.


3. Immerse yourself with media.

Listen to talk radio programs, popular music, podcasts, or watch television in the language you are trying to learn.  This will strengthen your immersion into the language and help cue you into the local dialect and popular culture.  You may pick up words and phrases that can help you connect more quickly with your colleagues and neighbors.  Just be sure that you actually understand what you are saying!


4. Go digital!

You can sign up for a “Word of the Day” email in the language you are trying to learn, like this one from Transparent.com, or download some great free apps such as Duolingo! This is a great way to expand your vocabulary both in the language you are trying to learn and in your native language!


What tips or suggestions do you have for your fellow language learners?

Are there strategies that have worked particularly well for you?  Send us a tweet @passportcareer or comment on this post!


If you are a member of Passport Career…

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Written by: The Passport Career Team
Edited by: Anna Sparks, Expert Global Career Consultant

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