4 Trends Shaping the Future of Global Jobs

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4 Trends Shaping the Future of Global Jobs

Would you have guessed that empathy and collaborative skills might be among the most sought-after aspects for hiring managers? A global survey by LinkedIn of 5,000 HR professionals and hiring managers, combined with behavioral data analysis, has revealed the four trends expected to shape the workplace over the next few years:

  • The rise of soft skills
  • Flexible working
  • Ending harassment
  • Pay transparency

As a whole, these trends describe a workplace that is fair, positive, and transparent. It indicates we all want to work in an atmosphere of collegiality, collaboration, and appreciation. It emphasizes the shift from a static workplace to an environment that encourages location-independent work, flexible schedules, and better work-life balance. It is interesting to note these four trends do not center around technology and digital skills.


Appreciation for Soft Skills

Of course there is a demand for specific skill sets, but employers are increasingly identifying the importance of “soft skills” such as creativity, communication, emotional intelligence, and empathy. 80% of those surveyed by LinkedIn say soft skills are increasingly important to business success, and 89% reported a lack of soft skills among bad hires at their organization.



LinkedIn reports a +78% increase in job posts that mention work “flexibility” since 2016. Thanks to technology, location has never been less important for the workforce. This is accompanied by changing attitudes to work: people want more balance in their lives. Working full-time for one employer is no longer the only desirable professional situation. And flexibility doesn’t necessarily indicate fewer rules or oversight; in fact, in context of the other trends, there is a desire for clear rules and regulations to ensure fairness and transparency.


Ending Harassment

We are currently experiencing a cultural shift that has put a spotlight on unacceptable behavior. Overcoming harassment and creating supportive cultures calls for a combination of policies and action. People want to work in an environment that holds people accountable for actions and behavior.


Killing Pay Secrecy

Compensation has long been considered private information, but in keeping with the trend towards accountability and openness, more companies are respecting their employees desire to share salary figures. LinkedIn reports a 136% increase in pay transparency in the content shared on its platform since 2014.

These trends reflect a changing work world. Employees want participation and control in their work environment. Compensation is not necessarily the most important aspect of satisfying work: people want connection, flexibility, equality, balance. These trends support professionals looking for location independent work as well. Are you finding these changes happening in your workplace? Maybe it’s time to consider a change!


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