5 Attributes that Increase Global Marketability

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5 Attributes that Increase Global Marketability

by Marian Hakze, Expert Global Career Coach for Passport Career


Outside of your professional background and education, there are a number of key attributes that you may want to check-off prior to considering a move to a new country. Consider how your skills stack up and evaluate where you might need additional development in the following five areas: 


Are you technologically savvy? Even traditional jobs, such as teaching English, benefit from knowing how to use the latest communication and video conferencing technology and how to create and teach online content. And by the way —  internet connections around the globe are pretty fast and reliable.   Are you keeping up with the latest new programs and apps that can improve communication, increase efficiency, tighten security and privacy, and provide all around improved productivity? Sites like Digital Trends can help you stay on top of emerging technology that can give your qualifications an extra boost.

Local language

Do you speak Spanish? Japanese? German? Unless you plan to service only clients who speak your language, speaking the local language will help you to build relationships and expand your clientele within your new country. Even conversational-level language can help you make connections and feel at home. Take advantage of the plethora of excellent language apps to help you get started. Check out our blog about the best language apps!


Are you entrepreneurial and self-motivated? These two are almost synonymous. You have to be self-motivated if you want to be a successful entrepreneur/consultant, because business simply doesn’t come knocking your door; you have to find it. As many consultants put it: “Every day I wake up unemployed”. And once you have found work, you are the one responsible for meeting your deadlines and deliverables.


Flexibility is another important attribute. Your work day may no longer resemble the 9-5 routine: You may find yourself starting your day with a call at 4:00 am with a client at the other end of the world and only finishing your day late at night, meeting with a local client. Flexibility is also important in terms of managing expectations. Keeping an open mind in terms of salary expectations, work environment, and job type (permanent, temporary, contract) can expand your possibilities.

Continued learning

Do you enjoy learning? You have to be ready for life-long learning about yourself, your adaptability and other cultures as a (nice) by-product of your portable career. Continued learning also demonstrates a commitment to improvement. Consider tapping into distance learning, MOOCs, in-house training, and industry publications.


If you recognize yourself in these attributes and possess high in-demand skills and have a sense for adventure, you may be heading towards a portable career and a global future!


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