5 Ways Joining an International Women’s Group Can Land You a Job In Your Dream Destination

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5 Ways Joining an International Women’s Group Can Land You a Job In Your Dream Destination

If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a good chance that you’re a woman thinking about starting a global job search. Or maybe you have a wife, sister, daughter, another female relative, or friend who is looking to start a new career. The truth is that many people have heard about international women’s groups, but they really don’t know how joining one of these groups could help them with their search for a global job.


If you’re one of those people and would like to know more about this topic, continue reading. Below, I will share with you five important ways that joining an international women’s group will help land you your dream international job.


1) Networking, networking, and more networking.

Joining an international women’s group can offer you or your significant other many opportunities, and one of those opportunities is the chance to develop a network that can help people connect with each other in many ways so that, in one way or another, they can help each other reach their goals of starting a new global career. Networking also offers people the opportunity to market themselves within specific, targeted professional communities that could be in need of assistance from people with the same working experiences, skills, and abilities.

2) They make an excellent support system.

Becoming a member of an international women’s group is an excellent way to build a support system. Looking for a global job can be very stressful and frustrating. When dealing with those emotions, it’s best if job seekers have people by their side who know firsthand what it feels like to be in their shoes. Job seekers need individuals by their sides that have their same goals and visions. And, that’s exactly what an international women’s group will do for them.

3) They’re up to date with job fairs as well as local & international job searching events.

If what you or your significant other is looking for in a support group is to be able to stay up to date with events that could help in a global job search, the best way to do this is by joining an international women’s group that offers that “service” to their members. Most of these groups are in active contact with managers, agencies, and hiring authorities who notify them of upcoming hiring events. By becoming a member of a group that offers this opportunity to its members, you or your significant other will be taking advantage of that connection without having to spend valuable time doing all the research alone.

4) You will feel like you belong to something.

The feeling of belonging somewhere is one of the best feelings a human could experience. It gives the person the feeling that his/her life has a purpose. Joining a group like this will offer that community. Being a part of an international women’s group will provide the opportunity for its members to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And, being part of a group that offers that opportunity is basically what a person needs to be able to gain the necessary strength and self-confidence to achieve whatever goals he/she wants to achieve.

5) They offer the possibility of friendships for life.

Last but not least, joining an international women’s group offers the opportunity to develop friendships for life – friendships that could stay in your life beyond your finite job search. Being part of a group like this will give you the chance to stay connected with people who share the same experiences and can be there for you if things start to get rough in your professional life as well as your personal life.


As you can see, joining an international women’s group has its advantages. And the best part is that job seekers can join most of these groups even before they start their international move. Today, I invite you to look for a group that fits your and/or your significant other’s needs. The group should not only offer the opportunity to expand knowledge about starting a global job search, but it should also provide a helping hand to make the job search experience more fun and less stressful.
Once you or your significant other have identified that group, reach out to them and see what the requirements are for joining them. Doing this well in advance before you start to prepare for your global move will help you stay organized and focused in the decisions that need to be made in order to move forward with the global job seeking process.
For more information on how to become part of an international women’s group, I invite you to take a look at our extensive Country Portfolios in the Passport Career system. These pages offer a good source of information related to international women’s group based on the country of your choice.

Some examples of international women’s group included in our country pages are:

Open Door
Expat Women
The Women’s Institute
Global Banking Alliance for Women



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Marielys Camacho Reyes, Expert Global Career Consultant

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