6 Tips for Digital Nomads

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6 Tips for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and maintain a “location independence” approach to work.  This growing trend allows people to live where they choose or travel while still contributing professionally.


Successful nomad Ally Basak Russell compiled a list of tips that have helped her find success working in locations around the world. The following is an edited version of Russell’s Lifehacker Tips for Digital Nomads:

Add the World Clock Google Calendar widget

Digital nomads are often faced with scheduling meetings across multiple time zones. Keep your calendar settings on your home country time, and then add new city to the World Clock list.  


Get an unlocked phone and local SIM card

Mobile phone service outside your home country can be very inexpensive. If you’re a long-term digital nomad, she would not recommend paying for an international plan with your home country carrier. Instead, buy an unlocked phone from a reputable seller and don’t forget to get a charger that fits your local plugs or a plug adaptor. Then get a chip from a local mobile carrier in your destination city.  


Give up Skype for WhatsApp or Apple FaceTime

Skype’s call quality just ain’t what it used to be. The screen-sharing function is tough to find, and unless someone on your call has the premium package, you can’t do video calls with more than one party. WhatsApp and FaceTime provide free solutions. It’s a good idea to have both so you can communicate with any smartphone and have a backup option (for example, FaceTime is banned in some Middle Eastern companies). Even with a dial-up connection, you can usually get decent video call quality and sound, and up to ten people can join a call. Headphones always help.


Buy a USB Ethernet Adaptor

Many places in the world have not yet mastered the joy of an accessible Wi-Fi connection. Even some global conference sites and Western-style hotels don’t offer Wi-Fi in-room. You’ll need a connector to get a hard-line connection to the Internet. This device is also crucial when you’re in a crowded co-working space where everyone is competing for precious bandwidth. A hard-line connection is often much stronger than the free Wi-Fi. Pair your adapter with some noise-cancelling headphones for a truly delightful call experience.


Get reimbursed correctly using Oanda.com

Oanda.com is an online currency converter. It’s helpful because you can select the date of your transaction after the fact to get the most accurate exchange rate for your expense report. It’s especially helpful when you use cash instead of a credit card while on the road. To make sure you never have to worry about lost receipts from cash transactions, consider applying for a credit card with no international finance charges.  


Amp up your battery life with a Mophie

Nothing is worse than losing your connection to the world during working hours due to a drained battery. Get a Mophie. This little ditty packs extra hours of battery power for chatting, tweeting, and taking photos. It’s compatible with most phones and tablets, and charges up quickly through your computer’s USB port (no extra adaptor necessary).  


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