Are you looking for an international job? You need to have these 5 things.

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Are you looking for an international job? You need to have these 5 things.

Applying for a job abroad is not as difficult as you may think. Some people think that when you apply for a job in a country other that your own that you’ll become overwhelmed with all of the extra documentation and paperwork you’ll need to provide, but that’s not the case. The documents that you may need to submit with your job application are very similar to the documents you’re required to submit when applying for jobs within your home country, just with a few adjustments.


Document 1: Updated Résumé/CV

An updated CV is the first document you’ll need when applying for jobs abroad. When preparing your CV, you should take into consideration your destination country’s CV requirements. Each country has its own way in which they write their CVs and making sure you comply with these rules will guarantee that your CV is seriously considered. Here in Passport Career, we offer our users country specific information on what is expected in CVs based on your country of interest. Once you login to Passport Career, take a look at the information and see if your CV complies with your destination country’s guidelines.


Document 2: Copy of a Valid Passport

A valid passport is always needed when applying for jobs abroad. Once you have made the decision to apply for an international job, make sure your passport is updated and valid. Some countries require that the passport have at least six months of validity before they can accept it as valid. If your passport doesn’t meet this requirement, now is a great time to start the renewal process.


Document 3: School Credentials

As with any job application process, making sure you have all your school credentials ready prior to applying for a job is a must. Including these documents with your job application not only proves that you’re qualified for the position but also that you’re serious about the application process. The truth is that incomplete applications don’t look good in the eyes of recruiters. Additionally, when applying internationally, it’s important to provide as much information about the your education as possible, since the recruiter probably will not be very familiar with the education system in your home country. That being said; do your best to try to gather these documents ahead of time and your application will create a good impression from day one.


Document 4: Training and Seminar Certificates

Training and seminar certificates are also very important pieces of documentation when applying for jobs abroad. These documents show that you are already qualified to perform the job and if selected for the position, you will require minimum training to be able to accomplish the assigned tasks. Some companies don’t have the funds to train people, and having completed the required training will put you ahead of the game.


Document 5: Copy of Work/Employment Visa or Permit

Some countries require applicants to have an official job offer before they issue work/employment visas or permits. If that’s the case in your destination country, then you won’t be required to submit this piece of documentation until after you have received the job offer. However, if the job that you are applying for requires you to provide this documentation prior to consideration, then it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate authorities to get this process sorted out prior to submitting your job application. Not taking care of this process on time could prevent you from being hired even if the recruiter would like to, because they have no choice if they want to be legally compliant.


As you can see, the documents mentioned above are very similar to the documents you may have to submit when applying for jobs back in your hometown. But as I mentioned before, certain countries may require different documents. Before you apply to any jobs, it is important that you do some research with the specific companies and/or countries to find out what documents they require. As always, I invite you to visit our Country/City Portfolios within Passport Career by logging into your Passport Career account. These pages offer a good source of information about the requirements for applying to jobs in specific countries.


Remember, making sure that you provide the required documents at the moment of applying for a job abroad could make the difference in you getting the job of your dreams or your application being tossed out. That being said, go ahead and start doing your research today. The last thing you want is to see that job opportunity fly out of your hands just because you didn’t take time to do the research before applying for the job.


As a wise man once said: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein



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Marielys Camacho Reyes, Expert Global Career Consultant


  1. I have my vailed passport. I got a job in UAE.The interview is all so over.And I am selected for the job.Now what is the documents I need for this

  2. I have several friends overseas I know through Facebook, who would like to come and live and work in the USA. Aside from their need to get passports before applying for jobs, do they also need to have visas before applying? Or can they wait till they get a valid job offer before applying for their visas? Thanks!

  3. I need any little at any other country .
    I from india

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