Could You Have a Portable Career?

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 | 2 comments

Could You Have a Portable Career?

First things first: what is a portable career? Here at Passport Career, we definition a portable career as a career that can be sustained regardless of where you live in the world. It can be taken with you from one location to another with minimal constraints on time, productivity, or revenue. Having a portable career gives you the freedom to strategically choose what, how, and where you want to do it.


While many people have the desire to travel the world, the rising prices of plane tickets and the fear of unstable work often deter them from actually fulfilling them. However, with economic changes and the increase in technology use, portable careers are becoming more common and easier to sustain.


If you’re interested in transitioning into a portable career, you can begin by researching areas where your skills and abilities are in high demand. Typically opening a brick and mortar business is not ideal for this scenario, as the amount of manual work required will most likely keep you in once place for a long period of time. It’s preferable that you find a job in that field that relies more on technology and online services so that it allows for a portable career.


Two other increasingly popular options are working as a consultant in your area of expertise or starting your own online business with clients from all around the globe. These options provide a high degree of flexibility and are especially convenient if you want to move or have a spouse who needs to relocate.
It’s important to note that portable careers do require some planning. While your success is not necessarily dependent on where you live, you will need to offer services or have skills that are in high demand worldwide. Your jog may be viable as a portable career in some places more so than others. For example, highly specialized careers and careers that require a high level of education or credentials (i.e. medicine and law) tend to only be partially portable. Do some research on where your skills are most needed and have the greatest potential opportunity. The key is to find an emerging niche and start there.


Do you have a portable career or always dreamed of one? What’s your impression of them? Leave your feedback in the comments below!



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