Doing business in Europe? Here’s who you shouldn’t hug. (Graph)

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If you’re doing business in Europe in the near future, you’ll want to know what the customs are when it comes to professional physical contact. Here’s your definitive guide to international rules of physical contact. You’re welcome.


According to The Atlantic, a study involving 1,300 men and women was conducted to determine where people felt comfortable being touched and by whom. The participants were from Finland, France, Italy, Russia, and the U.K. As a result, the “Touchability Index” was created, based on how likely the participant was to feel comfortable being touched by people with whom they had varying strengths of emotional bonds.


Comparative touchability index, rating Finland, France, Italy, Russia, and UK.



Are you an expat in any of these countries? Are you a native from any of these countries? Let us know if you think that the “Touchability Index” is accurate. Leave a comment here or share this post with your friends to start a discussion!



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