Move your Job: 5 Steps to Launching an International Job Search

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Move your Job: 5 Steps to Launching an International Job Search

Are you interested in joining the growing movement of workers interested in finding a job in a new country? An impressive number of people are living abroad. As a matter of fact, according to the United Nations, the number is 232 million. 64% of employers think that international employment is important for enrollment. This trend is expected to continue to grow: people are increasingly interested in the experience of working and living in new places. These five basic steps can help you turn your dreams of travel into a reality.

  • Develop an Action Plan:Develop an action plan for your job search. Begin developing your action plan before you depart, if possible, and to keep it handy for reference as you transition and during your time in the destination country. Additionally, ensure your action plan includes consideration of potential transitions to other countries or the transition back to your home location. Surprisingly, you will find many resources available to you in your destination country, including expat networks, libraries, the internet, and chambers of commerce. Try to avoid relying on just one or two resources. Using a variety of resources will ensure a balanced perspective in your approach to your job search. Need help? Check out some templates and guidance for organizing a career actin plan.


  • Find out the restrictions and permissions for working in the destination country.You will want up-to-date, detailed information about the work permit process, including, but not limited to, what documents are needed, how long each step of the process will take, and whether your nationality may cause any delays. A great website to check is the Permits Foundation.


  • Identify target organizations to research and begin networking.Although it can be daunting to go through the myriad of online resources to find organizations in different countries, it is important to develop a list of 15-20 target organizations. There are many websites that list organizations active in certain regions, and the International Chambers of Commerce is a great place to start. To identify potential contacts and kickstart your networking, you can connect with other expats in the area and ask for introductions to their network.  Consider also attending events held by the consulate or embassy and the local Chamber of Commerce.


  • Learn the business etiquette and communication culture of your new country. You can learn the do’s and don’ts for the destination country by keeping your eye on the  Passport Career blogand reviewing the information in PassportCareer’s Country Portfolio for your destination. Information is also widely available online or at your local library, but be sure that the website is reputable and the information is accurate, timely, and reliable.


  • Create a networking resume and organize important career-related papers that may be requested. Create a resume appropriate to the standards in your destination country and industry to use for networking purposes and gather relevant papers. What documents might you need? Plan to take copies of the following: transcripts from your college, vocational or other educational institute (if you have numerous degrees, then you will need copies of each), awards and training activities, proof that you attended relevant conferences (usually only needed if you have a certificate from a training at a professional conference), and other related documentation.  You may also need to have your documents officially translated for the work permit process.


Preparing for a job search in another country requires a lot of work, but it will reduce the frustration once you arrive at your new destination. Many international professionals fail to prepare adequately, either because they don’t have the time, they don’t think about it, or they simply do not know what steps to take. Spending time on these 5 steps before you depart will give you a solid foundation to launch your international job search. Good luck!

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