Top 5 Jobs for Expats in 2016

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Top 5 Jobs for Expats in 2016

If you haven’t settled on your career yet or are thinking about a second (or third or fourth!) career that allows you to travel the world, look no further. With these jobs you can create your office anywhere!


International Teacher

If you’re already a licensed teacher in your home country, you’ll probably have good luck applying to work at international schools around the world. Pay and benefits vary from country to country so you may have to be choosey about your region if that’s a factor for you. Most international schools do offer free tuition for their teachers’ children so anyone looking to make sure their children get an incredibly high quality education and rub elbows with the international community will find this a good fit. If you want to learn more about how to find an international teacher position (hint: work with a recruiter or go to a fair), check out more info on the U.S. Department of State website.



While a tutor may have to have similar qualifications to an international teacher to be successful, the work style is much different. There are many online sites that offer tutoring to students (both children and adults) in every subject area under the sun. If you’d like to work remotely and dictate your own schedule, this could be for you. You will not be working for a traditional employer, so you’ll want to make sure you have your work visa and finances in order before you take the plunge.


Freelance Writer

It’s the ultimate expat job, albeit not so easy to do with financial success. There is a lot of writing to be done – blogging, travel articles, articles on anything and everything. However, finding these positions and competing in a sea of freelance writers can be tough. If you’ve got the drive and the writing chops, give this one a try before you quit your day job. Check out sites like SkillBridge, Fiverr, and oDesk to get started.


Fitness Instructor

In nearly every place, I’ve lived there’s been a personal trainer or yoga/Pilates instructor who has hustled to make it work. People like hiring trainers and often prefer to work with someone who’s from their home country. If you’re passionate about working out and exercise, take a good hard look at this one. Personal training certifications can be done online or in person and your upfront cost is usually under $500. Check out ACE Fitness or the American College of Sports Medicine. Alternatively, considering the growing number of fitness instructors offering online classes or group support with participants around the world like Beachbody and Balleness.


IT Professional

If you are already an IT Professional, you know that the IT world is more flexible than anywhere else in terms of remote, flexible work, and even project-based work. You need some serious training to launch your career as an IT freelancer but once you do, you can find remote work at sites like Authentic Jobs and StackOverflow.


Wondering which careers to avoid if you’d like to live all over the world?

Anything that requires a country-specific license. Moving from place to place and becoming relicensed quickly becomes a pain in the butt (if not impossible).


By: Anna Sparks, Expert Global Career Consultant


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