"Where will your career take you?"

We make a global career both possible and profitable.

What We Do

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Passport Career is an online, country-specific, global job search platform designed for use by organizations looking to support the international career transitions of their mobile employees (as well as their spouses/partners) and by academic institutions looking to support the international career transitions of students, scholars, faculty, and their spouses/partners. We offer resources like exclusive online trainings to our clients which support them in their global career ventures.

Who We Work With

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Passport Career works with and for globally-minded clients such as corporations, businesses, academic institutions, government and non-governmental entities, as well as international mobility providers. We provide comprehensive information and support for our client’s employees, spouses/partners, and families in all matters concerning living and working in an international context in countries and cultures throughout the world.  We also support families staying behind during unaccompanied assignments.

Where We Work

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Passport Career offers unique career resources for over 80 countries and over 250 cities worldwide. In addition to our global career content, Passport Career also offers a comprehensive toolkit designed to help assignees and their families with a successful career and life transition in their new destination. Whether they are moving to the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, or Latin America, Passport Career provides detailed expert insight and knowledge for each country and foreign destination.