International Career e-Platform

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The International Career e-Platform is a country-specific online resource that is accessible 24/7.  It consists of in-depth country and city portfolios for more than 275 cities in over 90 countries and our global topics section, a virtual career center with over 15,000 pages of expert career support.


Country & City Portfolios

Our Country & City Portfolios break down our need-to-know information by country and by city to provide assignees, students, faculty, and their families with location-specific information on:

  • Career & Job Search Support
  • City-Specific Job Markets
  • Relocation Resources
  • Volunteering/Alternative Paths
  • Community Building/Settling In/Finding Your Place
  • Business Culture
  • Visa/Work Permit How-to’s
  • Internships/Study Abroad Opportunities
  • And more!


Global Topics

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The International Career e-Platform also features our Global Topics section, Passport Career’s exclusive virtual career center. It includes self-assessments, career planning strategies, recommendations for your specific cross-border career, and much more! With these resources we aim to to help assignees, spouses/partners, students, faculty, and alumni manage their unique situations, including information for those settling-in, in search of employment or alternatives to employment, and those staying behind during unaccompanied assignments.

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