Image that reads testimonial: "I would recommend Passport Career to anyone searching for an internship or full-time position. It was, by far, the best off-campus resource I used to search for jobs." - Student, Indiana University


“Passport Career has provided University of Delaware with a nearly problem free technical system. Due to its comprehensive approach, we have been able to discontinue other less valuable tools.”
University of Delaware, Career Services Center


“Passport Career is the perfect tool to help our students find opportunities abroad! With all the amazing resources, free webinars, and country-specific information, our students are utilizing this online resource with ease.”
University of Pittsburgh, Office of Student Employment and Placement Assistance


“Our students are really positive about Passport Career!”
EDHEC Business School, Global MBA Career Services


“Passport Career has been a helpful job search resource both for students looking for opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. The Global Career Trainings have been educational to our international students on identifying job search strategies as well as employers who have sponsored H1B visas.”
George Mason University, University Career Services


“Passport Career has been a great resource for our students who are interested in learning about international opportunities. Between the Global Career Trainings, country profiles, and employer database, our students have a wealth of information to use as they discern and strategize their career abroad.”
Georgetown University, Cawley Career Education Center


“Passport Career is a powerful tool that is our ‘go to system’ for global career resources and strategies. It is very user friendly for our students and covers exactly what we want them to access.”
Indiana University Bloomington, Career Development Center


“A key way we utilize Passport Career is the H1b database for our international students and the job/internship portal with our domestic students. I am also very impressed with the excellent customer service and Passport Career’s responsiveness to our concerns.”
IU School of Public Health, Office of Career Services


“We have received very positive feedback during individual student meetings, conversations with faculty, and from our colleagues in Study Abroad. The Office of Career Services is very happy with the system.”
Lafayette College, Office of Career Services


“Our counselors are using Passport Career very effectively as a resource. A number of our students are from other countries so Passport Career is very useful especially the H1b database. Passport Career does an excellent job keeping our office abreast of best practices for using the many tools available in Passport Career for students, faculty and staff.”
Johns Hopkins University, Career Center


“Have heard only good things. We began using Passport Career after seeing a demo. Getting up and running was fast and easy — we’ve been very impressed with the prompt and personable customer support, and Passport Career provides extensive marketing materials to help with outreach. Usage has increased steadily since we launched; our students find the site easy to navigate, and appreciate the depth of information available on the site.”
Oberlin College, Office of Career Services


“We hear really positive things about Passport Career from coaches. It works easily for students and peer advisors both domestic and international.”
St. Olaf College, Piper Center for Vocation and Career


“On my first visit to Passport Career, I was able to find and apply to over 10 internships. Within two weeks, I had heard back from several companies and, after two interviews, accepted a position with a multi-billion dollar company in my home state. I would recommend Passport Career to ANYONE searching for an internship or full-time position. It was, by far, the best off-campus resource I used to search for jobs.”
Student at IU Kelley School of Business


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