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Passport Career works with and for globally-minded clients such as corporations, businesses, academic institutions, government and non-governmental entities, as well as international mobility providers. We provide comprehensive information and support, including exclusive online training, for our clients’ employees, spouses/partners, and families in all matters concerning living and working in an international context in countries and cultures throughout the world.


Our Clients Are:

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Large Multinational Companies as well as medium-sized companies acting globally or planning to increase their international presence use Passport Career
services for various groups of constituents.


Universities & Colleges and their various departments, such as career centers, international student services, faculty HR services, and alumni services benefit from Passport Career services and also use it for a wide range of constituents.


Government Agencies & Embassies utilize Passport Career services for employees and their dependents.


Military units stationed abroad as well as in country can benefit from providing Passport Career services to staff and military professionals and their dependents.


Multilateral Organizations  with culturally diverse staff working in international teams or on global projects can use Passport Career to provide services for background research as well as to assignees.


International Non-Profits  that are active internationally with both local staff and assignees stationed around the world can utilize Passport Career services for employees and volunteers.


Relocation & Mobility Companies/DSPs use Passport Career resources to expand their portfolio of high quality support to their clients.  In an effort to improve their support services for spouses/partners, they often choose to add a specialized Passport Career support system into their service portfolio via different collaboration schemes.


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Individual Job Seekers/Expatriates Passport Career is a global job search support system designed for organizations to offer to employees, their spouses/partners, students, and other key groups of job seeking individuals.  At this time, we do not offer individual access.  However, if you are interest in having us contact your organization/educational institution about providing Passport Career access for your use, please contact us.  In the meantime, check out our Global Career Blog and LinkedIn Group for Global Professionals.

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