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Passport Career is an in-depth online career support system for more than 275 cities in over 90 countries and 15,000+ pages of expert career content. We also offer tools to assist international career transition, career development, as well as global networking services. We provide one-stop access to up-to-date and hard-to-find resources that make the global job search and career transition stress-free for your employees and their spouses.


We recognize that the type of information and support needed by assignees and their spouses/partners varies at different stages of the international assignment. Passport Career offers the unique benefit of repeated access, so each individual can work at their own pace and address their specific needs in their own time, whether it be pre-departure, while settling-in, during the assignment, or when returning home.


In the current age of widespread globalization and 24/7 interconnectivity, Passport Career is dedicated to providing immediate access to crucial resources and up-to-date information at any time. Passport Career is accessible at all times, anywhere in the world, with uncompromising, consistent quality. Our platform is designed for easy access on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.


Once an employer purchases Passport Career services, our system is then made available to the employees and their families through individualized landing/login pages. The employer will also be able to market Passport Career as the employer’s career support service to all employees with optional template emails for mass distribution.


Passport Career services include:


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