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Large multinational corporations as well as medium-sized companies that act globally or plan to increase their international presence use Passport Career services for various groups of constituents:


Assignee Spouses and Partners

Every global mobility professional can attest that one of the most common causes of assignment refusal and expat turnover is the issue of spouse/partner employment abroad. However, with Passport Career, employers can provide a high quality and low cost online career support system that can be used to assist accompanying spouses/partners who are seeking employment as well as those seeking alternatives to employment. We provide the accompanying spouse/partner (also known as the trailing spouse or expat spouse) of relocating employees (internationally and locally) with a global job search and life transition resources with interactive support. Passport Career also supports spouses who can’t or choose not to work, including those who may be seeking alternative opportunities such as professional development, continuing education, or volunteer options. Support is also available to spouses/partners who stay behind due to unaccompanied assignments or extended business travel.


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Employees on international assignments can benefit from Passport Career’s comprehensive country/city destination profiles as well as our expertise on cross-cultural differences and local business etiquette – all in one place. Additionally, our extensive lists of professional networking opportunities can increase the assignee’s productivity and effectiveness in the new work environment from day one. Likewise, our comprehensive lists of social and expat networking possibilities lead to faster adjustment and satisfaction with a new home country/city, all of which also leads back to increased productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Passport Career resources can be made available to the assignee prior to, throughout, and post-assignment.


HR Mobility Professionals

HR professionals are constantly busy with a long list of responsibilities and tasks. However, supporting internationally assigned employees, spouses/partners, and families is made easier for HR professionals with a single source support network: Passport Career. We provide detailed information, training, and support directly to the end user. For example, our Resources section offers data, surveys, presentations, white papers, lists of providers, and other useful mobility related information for quick reference. Passport Career also offers White Globe Services specifically tailored to an individual user.


General Employees

We live in an era of globalized business, resulting in an increasing number of employees that are involved in foreign negotiations and business travel abroad. As a result, employees often find themselves interacting with colleagues from other countries and working on country-specific assignments. By using Passport Career, companies can rest assured that all their employees have up-to-date working knowledge on any foreign country with which your company negotiates at their disposal. This includes an awareness of cross-cultural differences and local business etiquette, country/city profiles, and professional networking information specific to that country. Many employers find that giving all employees access to this information only enhance their work performance.

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