Best Countries For Your Global Job Search

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Best Countries For Your Global Job Search

With the global economy in a constant state of flux, many are looking toward the next phase of their career with uncertainty. the job market continues to pose challenges for those searching for better opportunities. For some, limited career options motivate them to emigrate to another country in search of work.
Before you consider making such a move, it would behoove you to have some idea of which countries might offer you the best opportunity for employment. It’s vital that you avoid moving abroad spontaneously, only to realize that the locale where you’re seeking work has suffered greater job loss—particularly in your career field—than the one you left. If you are looking for gainful employment somewhere in the world, here are a few countries that may present the opportunity to easily obtain work and earn.

Although wealthy nations with highly paid employees such as the United States, Canada, and most European countries would seem at first glance to provide the most job opportunities, they also boast fairly high unemployment rates. The reasons for this strange phenomenon are multifold. First, many of the lenders that went belly-up when the bubble burst on the housing market in 2008 saw their demise in these nations. Although some were saved with government bailouts, the repercussions still closed the doors of several lending institutions and caused cutbacks at others, leading to massive layoffs. And then the trickle-down began, leading to layoffs in adjacent industries, which eventually led to cutbacks in just about every sector of the job market. The result? 10-20% unemployment in some job sectors.
In addition, many companies that operate in these countries are still in need of employees to get the work done. Since they cannot afford the trained professionals in their own country, they have developed an unparalleled market for outsourcing, opening branches in developing countries and emerging markets where they can pay their outsourced employees a fraction of the salary that they would pay in their home country for the same work and a similar skill level, and still offer what is considered a comparable salary for the lower-income region.
If you’re looking to follow your job to a foreign country, given the above information, there are still several countries that are likely to yield positive results.



The first country of note for job opportunities is India. If you have a desire to live in a developing country steeped in a complex culture with a very high population of impoverished and underserved people, then this job market may be for you. Given that there are opportunities available in a wide variety of career areas, you might find an even better position than the one you left.
One downside of working in India is that you will be paid significantly less than Western countries in comparison. But considering the lower cost of living, you may still come out ahead. Work permits may present your greatest challenge, so it may be best to secure employment before arriving in the country.




China is another growing market for professionals. Japan was previously at the forefront when it came to growth of industry, but in recent years, China has expanded its white-collar workforce astronomically. The biggest obstacle to working in China is ultimately diplomatic: it is traditionally quite difficult to immigrate to the People’s Republic of China. You may want to consider trying the westernized port of Hong Kong for an easier career entry.



Europe also offers several growing job markets. Norway and Switzerland are still enjoying less than 5% unemployment rates. But if you already reside in a European country, moving from one EU economy to another may ultimately not prove fruitful in moving your career forward. If you want to follow the jobs that make an impact, you may ultimately have to leave your comfort zone. However, if you’re looking for work in a totally different job market, you can find it, and do quite well for yourself, by going to another country.


The bottom line: Before you hop on a plane, bound for a new career adventure, you will need to do your research to determine your best opportunities. Websites like Passport Career provide a plethora of resources available to help you in all aspects of your global job search.


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