Starting a Career in the United States for Non-US Citizens

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Starting a Career in the United States for Non-US Citizens

Each year, the number of international students and foreign-born professionals from all over the world who navigate the process of gaining employment in the United States grows. But even as the number of working non-US citizens increases, many expats hoping to gain work in the United States may be overwhelmed by the complexities and challenges put before them, unsure of where to start. There are many different ways to begin the process of obtaining permanent employment in the United States. Here are four options for applying to work in the United States:

Seek Out Seasonal Work


While permanent employment may be a challenge for both Americans and expats, seasonal work often offers more opportunities. Summer camps, ski resorts, outdoor amusement parks, and temporary festivals welcome applicants with flexible schedules and diverse perspectives that will enrich their permanent staff during the busy season. Because jobs offering short-term employment often advertise their open positions more widely, seasonal work is also fairly easy to find through a quick Google search, making the application process much simpler other types of work. The US Government has just announced 30,000 more H-2b seasonal visas for foreign workers for this year, so opportunities are available. 


Make Yourself Indispensable


One of the easiest methods of gaining work in the United States is becoming a professional in a growing US career field. Specializing in a high-demand sector of work by becoming a sustainable energy technician, an occupational or physical therapist or tech, or a commercial diver, will make you invaluable to companies in need. The first step in making yourself a must-hire is to seek out and complete the training necessary to qualify. A recent list indicates some of the hottest career fields in the United States for 2019. 


Consider an Education in the US


If you determine in selecting a career field that you will need additional education, it may be an added advantage to complete your schooling in the United States. American companies are sometimes reluctant to hire expats from a country whose education system does not closely mirror theirs, even if the ending qualification is the same. Even if some of your education is completed abroad, exhibiting your ability to succeed within the US system of higher education will make you an even more valuable candidate.


Learn About the Visa Process


There are a limited number of US work visas given out to workers of certain professions, from certain countries, each year. These predetermined numbers add an element of chance and luck to the career-building process. Keep up to date on the most in-demand job skills and fastest growing professions, and don’t allow yourself to be easily discouraged – your work visa may be a low priority one year, and easily obtained at the beginning of the next year. Attending specialized, affordable trainings like those offered by Passport Career are extremely helpful in learning the ins and outs of the American work visa application and approval process.


Want to know more about starting your career abroad?

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