Top 5 Expat Relocation Destinations for 2016

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Top 5 Expat Relocation Destinations for 2016

As with any major life decision, we’ve all got our own criteria that’s important. When making an international move, what’s most important to you may not be the most important to me. To help you out, Passport Career has compiled the top five expat relocation destinations based on some of the most common criteria.


If you’re looking for a better quality of life…

Ecuador has been ranked #1 by 14,000 expats for the last two years by the annual InterNations ExpatInsider survey. The vast majority of expats in Ecuador are happy with their personal finances and find it easy to make friends and feel welcome in the South American country. They report that there is no shortage of leisure activities. About a third of expats in Ecuador are retirees and a third work part-time. Job security isn’t Ecuador’s strong point so if you are looking for career challenges or a fat paycheck, keep reading.


Want to make money?

Singapore’s your best bet. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer rankings, expats residing in Asia are three times more likely to make over $250,000 per year than expats residing in Europe. While you can make the most money in China due to high salaries and a low cost of living, expats still rank Singapore as a place where high salaries and great quality of life merge. Expats in Singapore also love the local culture, food, and shopping making it a great pick for expats who are ready to increase their incomes. This Southeast Asian hotspot is also loved by families but it’s not at the very top of their list.


Focused on family?

If you’re looking for the best place in the world to raise your kids, head to New Zealand. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey of 7,000 expats, New Zealand’s outdoor adventures and safety make it the top pick for families. High air and water quality coupled with great schools and the friendly Kiwi culture makes New Zealand the right choice.


Need career challenges?

Russia provides the career challenges that many expats are looking for to show their employers they are ready to climb the ladder quickly. HSBC’s Expat Explorer ranks Russia in the top slot for “learning new skills” and nearly half of expats prefer Russia’s work culture to that of their home country. Keep in mind that the great majority of expats in Russia (71 percent) are learning the local language compared to only about half of all other expats. While expats in Russia don’t stay permanently, they do walk away with sought-after language skills


Want to move permanently?

If you are thinking about a permanent move, take a good look at Mexico. The ExpatInsider Survey ranks Mexico as number two overall (after Ecuador) but in the top in key factors like ease of settling in, making friends, and adapting to the local culture. Most expats in Mexico also rank their financial situation favorably, the opposite of Ecuador. About 41 percent of Mexico’s expats say they will stay forever.


By: Anna Sparks, Expert Global Career Consultant


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